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Rupees4click Review – Qadeer Munir

The web site I’m talking about today.
That’s Rupees4click
By the way, if you go to youtube, you will find many videos about it.
You can comfortably check yourself. Is it a money-making web site or not. Is it giving benefits? How can you earn thousands by using it? That too in days.
Just create an account Rupees4click side gives you five hundred rupees.
How to create an account on it? How to make money. How many ways to make money. How to withdraw from it. And most importantly, what is Rupees4click side real or fake?
Today, the details of all these will be found below. Read them and decide for yourself. Whether this Rupees4click side is really right or not. Whether Rupees4click should work or not.
First open this app so that you can see all the features given in it.

Rupees4click has many features to make money.

You can also earn money by filling captua. You can also earn money by referral. This means that you will get paid for sharing this link. The more people come. The more you earn. The different tasks are given here. By completing them you can earn maximum. All these benefits you will only see in this app. It has nothing to do with reality. As far as I’m concerned.
Before creating an account on any website or application, you should check it thoroughly. Whether this wap is real or fake.
You can get help from Google YouTube for this.
Once you know all the details, work on a platform.
This app claims that it pays Rs. 500 for creating an account. Secondly, this WAP has been working for 5 years. It has paid crores of rupees till date. This whip says it is not mine. After creating an account, there are different tasks in it. Each one pays for completing a task.

data entry
copy past
refferl link
app task

There will be many such features which are totally wrong.

Now the question arises whether Rupees4click is real or fake?

I have personally used this app. What is the complete review of this. I have found various flaws in this app. Due to which this app is circulating in the circle of doubt.
First of all, if you go to any web site. Here you will find all the details of the web site. Where their address, their social link, their contect number, all the information is listed in it.
But this vap side if you vist. So you will not find any social link for them. You can contact them directly. So this is a solid and weak point.

The second is that it has some tasks that must be completed. There are some applications that have to be downloaded. Only then can you withdraw money. And yes Rupees4click application is never installed. In this way your earned money is lying there. So this is the second point of it. Proving that this app is fake.
If you go to Google. So check its rate. So it will be a bad show. That is, the result will be poor.

Rupees4Click Withdrawal Methods?

The fourth is that he has the method of withdwal.
We don’t have paypal.
And only india is written in front of pyneer. Meaning only india people can use.
It can only mean that there is no solid way to withdraw money from this web. When you can’t complete their last task, you can’t get paid.
You will see the money in your account, but it will not be yours.
In it you will see the names of some people in the Top10. To whom they have gifted a huge amount. They are absolutely fake.
Similarly on referl it gives 10 rupees. If someone uses it by creating an account with Referral, he gets Rs. 100.
You will see many such tasks to whiten your eyes.
You can personally check this webpage on the go. You can work on it. If you have to waste your time.
How to check any web site whether it is real or fake
You want to work on any app or webpage .There is a webpage. This wap extracts all the data of any wapside when its domain was purchased. How many years has it been working?
Or you can search by typing on youtube. How do you check the web side? You will find some videos. Take a look at it and be reassured.
This wap says that it has been working for five years, although when I checked it, I found out that this wap was made in 2020. It also means that it has been working for five years.
Secondly, 23 members are working as advocates on this web. But you will not find any of their social profiles anywhere.
Think for yourself, “which is a web of millions. It has no social links.

Now the question in your mind is that if Rupees4Click is fake then why is it telling others by giving false benefits. What does it mean? What is the benefit?

See, any web site that does such fake work makes people fool around by swindling money.
First of all, the purpose of this web site is to earn money. There is no need to pay. Its purpose is to collect as much Tarafic as possible. It is to collect referrals. When many people create an account on it, they start using it. Then the webpage starts to benefit. Many Google ads start running on this webpage. Let’s link it to the trading webpage. And they earn money from there. Money is only shown to the common man. It is not given.
So hopefully after giving so many details. You must have understood. You can go and console yourself.

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