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Solve captcha online: is an automatic captcha recognition service.

Captchas is an images taking distorted text that needs to be typed in, or a set of different images where you need to select only those that meet a certain condition.

All of this needs to be done to confirm that you are not a robot. 2captcha is designed to connect customers who need to recognize many captchas in real time and employees who earn money through captcha recognition.

For the customers:

2captcha can recognize any currently known captcha. We have a pool of online workers who can recognize up to 10,000 captchas per month (we can recognize the mode if the load is increasing smoothly).

  • For workers:

2captcha is your first job online. The income is low, but it is not a full-time job with strict requirements, and it allows you to generate additional income in your spare time.

How it works?

We have man’s who need to solve lots of captchas in real time. And we have employees waiting for captchas to be resolved. Our service provides captchas from clients to employees and employee responses to clients.

How can this happen?

  1. The worker requests a captcha. If we don’t have a captcha, then the worker is queued to wait for a captcha.
  2. The customer uploads the captcha to our service.
  3. We assign a unique ID to the captcha, send that ID to the customer, and cancel their balance to resolve the captcha.
  4. We assign this captcha to the queue worker (the worker who waits more time)
  5. The worker immediately resolves the captcha and sends the response to our service.
  6. We save the response to our database and add funds to the worker’s account to resolve the captcha.
  7. When customers request a response by captcha, we return the response or, if the response is not yet ready, we say wait a bit.
  8. If suddenly the answer turns out to be wrong, the customer complains of a misidentification and the answer is verified by highly rated employees who decide whether the answer is correct or not. Why do customers need it? Often times people are faced with tasks which cannot be performed automatically due to the presence of captcha.

For example, send out a group reuse notice, or buy multiple pairs of sneakers at a sale, or get ratings from your own site for different searches.There are several possible reasons.

Previously, people spent a lot of time entering the captcha code manually.

Then people started to band together on the principle “today you work on me, and I work on you”, then they quickly found out that you could pay a small reward to those who had just started to earn money.

‘money on the Internet, paying them (employees) to solve the captcha for them (customers). This is how our captcha solution service was founded.

In our opinion, is the most popular captcha resolution service thanks to the excellent development team and support team at 2captcha.

What do i need to work?

If You have a laptop or mobile phone you can work and Earn From this platform.

How to work?

Working with 2captcha is pretty straightforward – just click “Start” and the system will start showing you images with text, and you have to enter that text in the form provided to you.

Who needs it and why are we paying to solve the captcha?

We have clients who send us captchas for recognition. Solving these captchas can save them time and they pay for it.

2captcha Reviews

Search Google for “ Reviews” and you will find many reviews and guides for working with 2captcha.

Labor conditions

You can work as much or less as you want, anytime and when it’s convenient for you. Our service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we always have work for you. You can work in minutes or hours. You set the clock yourself.

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