How to Online Apply CM Punjab Solar Scheme

The Punjab government has announced a new plan to promote the utilization of solar power across the province. The CM of the Punjab Province, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, recently announced a solar energy scheme known as the “Chief Minister Roshan Gharana program’ that aims to provide 50.000 solar-powered homes through using a ballot system.

We all know, sunlight is the best source of energy that includes heat and light.The method of turning light into electrical energy, also known as the photovoltaic effect is achieved by using photovoltaic technology.

The motivation of the government for solar power, particularly for homeowners is to increase the use of solar power systems both in business and private environments.

Free Solar Panels for 50,000 Homes:

According to the information the figures show that 50,000 households utilize more than 100 units power per month.Those households are entitled to the solar panel for free system.The package includes solar plates batteries, inverters, inverters as well as other essential components. The goal is to help households fulfill their energy requirements using solar energy.

Eligibility Criteria:

It is the CM of Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024’s eligibility standards, which are listed below.

  • You must have a citizenship from Pakistan.
  • An active Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is a requirement.
  • Solar panel installation is dependent on either the owner on the property, or the permission of the owner.

What type of Documents require?

  • The copy you have scanned CNIC CNIC (aspirant’s)
  • Power of attorney documents for property and authorization letters issued by the property owner.
  • The recent electricity bills you paid.

Application Process CM Punjab Solar Scheme:

The CM Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024 is scheduled to facilitate registration online and user-friendly, and easy to use.

Step 1:

Visit the official Website and Bank of Punjab branch

  • You can go to the official website dedicated for this scheme. Punjab Roshan Gharana Scheme 2024. This is provided by the government. site URL.
  • You may also visit any of the banks in Punjab to apply for the scheme.

2: Application Form:

  • Log in to fill out the application form.
  • Make sure you fill in all the required information.

3: Submission of the Application

  • Review all information given to ensure that it’s correct.
  • Content submit your application via the online portal or branch.

4: Application Study

  • After your application is submitted, it will be scrutinized of the appropriate authorities
  • The procedure may take a bit of time, so be patient.

5: Approval and Installments

  • You will receive a notification regarding what happens to your request after it is accepted.
  • After acceptance, next step will be an installation process for the solar panel on the panel.


It is the CM Punjab Solar Scheme OR Punjab Roshan Gharana scheme 2024 is an excellent opportunity for you to embrace renewable energy and contribute to a more sustainable Pakistan. The application process is simple and simple, so don’t pass up this opportunity to become one of those who are part of green energy.

What is the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme?

The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme is an initiative by the government that aims at providing solar panels for free for households living in Punjab. Through the scheme, households who are eligible will be provided with an entire solar panel installation, which includes two solar panels as well as an inverter and a battery capable of generating as much as 1 kilowatts of electricity. This scheme is designed to encourage renewable energy and lessen the load on the traditional power grid.

How to Register for the Scheme?

Registration to participate in this scheme Punjab Solar Panel Scheme is easy. The eligible households can apply by submitting their details via the appropriate channels, which the government will declare. It is important to ensure that your electric bill stays at a minimum, particularly during the months of April and May. those with electric bills lower than 100 units would get priority for receiving solar panels.

Key Features of the Scheme:

  • Free of Charge: The solar panels included in the scheme are totally free of charge. There are no costs involved in the purchase or installation of this solar system.
  • Full System for Solar Panel Systems: Each household will receive the complete solar panel system comprising two solar panels and an inverter and a battery capable of producing as much as 1 kilowatt of power.
  • Preference for low electricity bills: Households with electricity bills that are under 100 units are likely to receive preference when it comes to solar panels. This will encourage energy conservation and efficiency.
  • Distribution Method: The government will gather data from WAPDA to determine if a household is eligible. In the event that the total number of households that are eligible exceeds the solar panels available A drawing will be held to distribute the panels evenly. Each family will receive at least six solar panels.

What are the criteria to The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme?

Every household within Punjab with a monthly electricity bill that is lower than 100 units is eligible for the scheme.

How can I sign-up to join the CM Punjab Solar Panel Scheme?

The government will release the registration information via official channels. Be on the lookout for announcements about registration.

Do I need to pay for solar panel?

The solar panels offered under the scheme are totally free of charge.

Which solar panel will a family receive?

Each home can get as many as six solar panels together with an inverter and batteries.


The Punjab Solar Panel Scheme offers an opportunity for families in Punjab to implement environmentally friendly eco-friendly energy methods. Through making use from solar power, people can cut their energy costs and also contribute to conservation efforts in the environmental field. With a focus on accessibility and affordability it is expected to have a an enormous difference in the lives of those living in Punjab. Make use of this opportunity and sign up with Punjab Solar Panel Scheme today. Punjab Solar Panel Scheme today to get your own share of solar panels.

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