Pixelverse (PixelTap) Airdrop Earn Money

Pixelverse (PixelTap) Airdrop: Everything You Need to Know

Get the chance to participate in your chance to be a part of Pixelverse airdrops when playing PixelTap the most popular web3 game in the Telegram mini-apps community. Follow our steps-by-step guide to maximize your profits from the game and get ready to be ready for PIXFI the launch of a cryptocurrency.

Quick Take

Pixelverse (PIXFI) the airdrop of Pixelverse is expected to happen in the latter part of June. Pixelverse (PIXFI) airdrop is expected to begin during the second half of June, just prior to the token generation event (TGE) in July 2024.

Participants can participate in airdrops, such as that of PIXFI token airdrop, by taking part in the game’s actions which be awarded based on performances during the combat feature.

PixelTap encourages community participation by offering referral rewards and projects based on community, improving the experience of gaming and earning potential.

Pixelverse (PIXFI) Airdrop Pixelverse (PIXFI) The airdrop is set to conclude by the close of second quarter of 2024. It will be finished by the end in the month of June. The PIXFI coin launch is scheduled to take place in July 2024.

Pixelverse are the name of the company that runs the game. Pixeltap is a business that has recently raked in $5.5 million as part of a seed-round to develop its cyberpunk-themed gaming platform. This guide will guide you in getting acquainted using PixelTap that is the primary game in Pixelverse and will also show how you can be part of the upcoming PIXFI to distribute the token.

What Is PixelTap by Pixelverse, Tap-to-Earn Telegram Game?

PixelTap is a multiplayer game on the internet that is set in a cyberpunk universe designed to facilitate the growth into the 2D world that utilizes blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. Players have the choice of playing with four robots, and participate in different games to earn rewards from games. The game is focused on gaming for social purposes with the lowest barrier to entry.

PixelTap’s community-based challenges enable players to gain access to new pets and features by:

Meeting milestones of followers in Discord along with Twitter. Twitter as well as Discord.

Engaging in community-based activities and tackling new challenges.

Learn more about: PixelTap Everyday Combo taken from Pixelverse Game Tips to learn more about

All About the Pixelverse (PIXFI) Airdrop:

PixelTap is currently preparing to hold an PIXFI token generation competition which will be held in June. The event will also offer an airdrop for those who participate. The more you earn from your game, the greater amount of tokens you’ll earn. Find out how you can participate and maximize your money.

The airdrop is linked to an PIXFI token creation event that is scheduled on the month of June. Players will be awarded based on how they do in the game of fight with more tokens being awarded to winners with the most points.

Why Participate in PixelTap Airdrop?

Interactive Gameplay: The tap-to-earn mechanism, along with the PvP battles make PixelTap thrilling and fun.

Opportunities to earn money The company offers a range of ways to earn points by referring others, PixelTap provides a substantial earning potential.

An Active Community A vibrant community as well as regular updates by members of the Pixelverse team will create an energetic and a supportive community.

How to Connect PixelTap Dashboard to Wallet::

The process of connecting your account with the PixelTap dashboard inside Pixelverse is essential for securely managing and transferring your gaming earnings, which includes the PIXFI tokens that you collect through combat, quests as well as referrers. This link facilitates seamless transactions and allows for trading of tokens as well as holding them on exchanges compatible with them which are identified.

In addition, using a trusted wallet like MetaMask improves security and prevents your funds from being accessed by people who are not authorized. Furthermore, linking your wallet with it permits participation in the staking process and making decisions within the Pixelverse. Pixelverse ecosystem provides additional benefits as well as active part within the Pixelverse community.

Join your account from PixelTap to a wallet for cryptocurrency:

Step 1: Log in to Your Dashboard

The dashboard is reached via the link which is within the description.

Step 2: Select Your Wallet

Choose from a range options of the wallets. The non-custodial wallets like MetaMask are suggested for better security.

Step 3: Connect to MetaMask

Choose the MetaMask option to sign-in using the username you have chosen and your password. Check to determine if MetaMask is installed on your device.

Step 4: Complete Registration

Input your email address, as well as the verification code sent via an email. Log in and connect your wallet by following instructions.

Step 5: Confirm Connection

After connecting with your bank account, the URL of your wallet will be displayed. Unconnect using the disconnect button should you need to.

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