Honeygain App |you can make money by simply sharing your Internet, Start earning now.

Simple method make passive money

Earn money by using Honeygain and utilize the cash to purchase an account on a streaming platform and unlock exclusive content on video games that are free to play or enjoy a relaxing online shopping.

Earn money without risking security

Honeygain assures you that your internet traffic is used only by trusted partners. Furthermore, Honeygain never requests or access to your storage space of your device.

Be aware of exactly what you are using your Internet serves.

Once you have started using Honeygain the devices function as view towers, and assist famous businesses around the world access on the World Wide Web without having to worry about geographical restrictions or the threat of censorship.

Make a budget for your earnings

Your earnings depend on the volume of traffic you send to Honeygain’s network. The more traffic you contribute the more traffic you share, the more money you earn!

Factors that affect the amount you make

Your location

Your earnings are contingent on the amount of traffic required by our corporate clients and also the number of users within your local area.

Amount of IP addresses

As you have more addresses connected, greater you earn.

Ping/speed of the network

In order to hit the ideal speed, try to achieve the speed of more than 50Mbps and a ping speed of 50ms. For more information please visit the help page.

Five steps for Honeygain

Set it up

Honeygain can be downloaded across all Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android device that has a reliable Internet connection

Run Honeygain

Once it is active, Honeygain securely shares your Internet connection and never gains any access to your private information

Let us gather

Honeygain makes use of you Internet connection to collect pieces of information that are accessible online to the public.

Aid businesses

The most reliable companies utilize this data for statistics on websites as well as price comparisons and other business processes that are verified.

Get paid

Users earn cash for all the traffic they generate and may choose to receive the money via PayPal or in crypto

About Honeygain

With complete transparency and user involvement Our team is determined to build the top residential proxy network on the planet.

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Our story

In the year 2019 the Honeygain team unveiled a cutting-edge product, an online residential proxy network that is crowdsourced. We were aware from the beginning that generating direct value for our customers wouldn’t suffice. We needed to commit for a long time to improve the industry of proxy that is suffering from the issue of transparency.

Our team has a distinct advantage in that we were well-versed with the business and collaborated with experienced suppliers who could offer us unique insights about what the industry had to offer. We successfully launched by taking on real people from all over the world, clearly explaining the purpose for which their network connection is utilized for, and remuneration those who participated in the program with a fair amount of compensation.

We are extremely proud of having an community that is using the app on a daily basis and actively discuss the way Honeygain operates and interacts with us via social networks. Already reaching millions and we are continuing to enhance Honeygain and encourage more people to use it as the top passive income source available!

Recommend a friend and earn 500 credits free

Invite your acquaintance to join Honeygain and get bonuses! You’ll earn an additional 10% of the referral’s traffic and once they have at minimum 2GB of traffic, you’ll get 500 credits on Honeygain!

Invite your friends to join and earn money with them!

Honeygain lets you earn money from your home. So why should you not share this happiness with your friends? Your friends will receive $5 when they sign up and you’ll receive a recurring extra bonus, which is 10% on any traffic they are able to share. You can also earn 500 Honeygain credits when your friend shares greater than twoGB worth of data!

What’s the procedure?

Recommend a friend

Copy the referral code, and pass it on to your friends who want to be a part of in our program of referrals!

A friend joins

Your friend will earn $5 when you sign them up using your referral code.

Claim rewards

You will receive 10% of the bonus amount to referral’s earnings, plus 500 credits when they have shared more than 2GB!

Earn and Stay Safe

We are committed to protecting your privacy and security of data. Honeygain is specific about how the application makes use of your Internet connection, and which digital services depend on these networks. We also enable our users by giving users with complete control over when and how it functions.

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