Latest Jobs in Dubai 2023

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a developed region in the world that plays an important role in trade and tourism. Luxury buildings, international hotels and some of the world’s most famous buildings were built in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, which greatly contributed to the development of the UAE. Dubai attracts tourists from all over the world who are looking for work in the United Arab Emirates. One of the most sought-after markets in the Middle East is undoubtedly the UAE. However, you should consider several factors, including network, service stability, and benefits. Latest Jobs in Dubai 2023

Getting a job in the UAE requires working in a business environment in the Middle East. You must know an important tip if you are preparing for interviews, new jobs or jobs in the UAE.

What types of jobs are available in the UAE?

The choice of job and salary range depends on the field of work and the jobs available, in addition.

Administrative work
Accounting services
Financial services
IT job
Procurement services
Marketing services
Educational activities
Sales services
Management Services
Part-time jobs

Oil and financial services:

Apart from oil and finance, the UAE has some of the best jobs in the information and technology, consumer goods and retail sectors. Although English is the preferred language for business, learning Arabic can help you in your job search as several sectors use Arabic for correspondence.

Successful online job seekers in the UAE can expect to work around 8 hours a day. The day off is Friday, but many companies also take a day off on Saturday, so the working week from Sunday to Thursday lasts 48 hours. During Ramadan, working hours are usually reduced to 6 hours each day. There are seven official holidays in the UAE, including the five days of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Adha, which last around ten days.

Retail, real estate, hospitality, education, oil and gas, petrochemicals, fishing, commercial ship repair, construction, finance, sales and tourism are some of the industries that have many job openings.

Driver | electronics:
Job Summary This position is responsible for ensuring that all required operational tasks are successfully completed. helping the organization achieve its monthly and annual goals through the use of sponsorships.

Important responsibilities
Track the mileage of the displayed vehicle with Salik tags.

Know and comply with all traffic laws and driving regulations.

Make sure motorcycles and cars are safe from accidents.

traffic coordination

checking the status of each delivery received.

assisting with operational tasks such as vehicle registration, specific requests for visitors or customer drop-off points, sending/delivering/collecting documents related to money or sales, etc.

Caring for display vehicles with things like oil and washing.

Any incident must be reported to their immediate supervisor.

Participate in toolbox talks and security awareness training offered by the company.

As an electrician, your duties include:
to submit the appropriate procurement request according to the job

isolated fault repair for safe removal and replacement, as well as replacement and upgrading of damaged or old equipment, tools and wiring.

coordinate with the work team to meet electrical requirements for all equipment and materials at the project site during the pre-planning phase.

Using measuring instruments such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes, electrical systems and circuit continuity in electrical installations and equipment are checked to ensure safety compliance.

In order to be considered for this position, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Ability to repair or replace wiring, equipment and electrical equipment; good knowledge of cable wiring and ELCB.

Licensed electrician with diploma or degree and wiring certificate

Adequate understanding and practical experience with electrical work on construction sites.

Strong skills in managing the distribution of materials and equipment according to job requirements and available energy sources. The main DB connection from the LV room. Configure SMDB and distribute tools and equipment as needed.

He is able to repair and maintain electrical installations, equipment and fasteners from ladders and scaffolding.

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