Earn Money By Data Entry, Typing, Ad Posting, Survey, Call Center Jobs

Data Entry Job

Employers are required to post content on the forms for data entry. Earn Rs500 per data entry form submission

What is the Data Entry Exercise Job?In data entry practice task, you’ll be able to test and develop your skills at data entry. You can either type or copy the information provided in the exercise and input them into the appropriate fields.

How to do Data entry Practice Task?
Paste and copy is the only job, copy the fields and values of the form that are listed on the upper left hand side of this page, and paste them onto form for data entry. Complete the rows of data in the correct order given. Do not alter the order or else it will show an error. Once you have completed the task you will earn credits.

What category data entries I will receive?
You’ll have to fill out information entry categories like Resume Cars, Insurance and Loan …..etc
You will earn 10 credits with each successful data entry, you are able to complete whatever number of entry that are accessible during the day. Simply log into your account each day to check the available entries available complete them, then you can earn credits.

Data Entry Job <<< Click Here

Typing Job

Complete your typing assignments with no errors in the fields provided. You can get paid up to Rs1500 for each Typing Assignment.


Basic typing skills are enough for this job.
It is possible to type with the normal speed of typing.
There is no minimum number of typing to be completed within a single day.
Perform up to 10 assignments per day.
Achieving 80% accuracy is enough to be paid.
Your typing tasks will be verified and approved within 24 hours.
Review your earnings and reports history within the member area 24 7.
What is the average amount I can earn for each typing assignment?
You could earn as much as Rs.200per typing Assignment.

Typing Job <<<Click Here

Ad Posting Job

Advertise and earn cash. Perform the tasks for posting ads that are assigned by employers. Up to 1000 rupees for each per task.


Basic knowledge of browsing is sufficient to make advertisements.
Pick your own schedule for work.
No Minimum Ad postings per day.
Up to 100 ads can be posted each day.
Ad Posting Software will be offered to help with the task.
All your posts will be verified and approved within 24 hours.
Make sure to check your reports in the members area, which is open 24 hours a day.

Ad Posting Job <<< Click Here

Survey Job

Simply fill out simple survey forms using your smartphone or computer to receive a payment. Get up to Rs1000 for each survey.


Basic computer knowledge is sufficient to be able to take part in surveys.
Select your favorite survey.
You can complete surveys on your free time.
Complete survey forms using your mobile or laptop.
Earn money to share your an opinion.
Get Survey invitations by email.
Have fun with your family and friends.
Join Surveys for no cost.
There is no investment required for the job.
Get Instant rewards after survey.
Take your cash every day.
You can earn rewards that range from Rs.50 up to $500.
Review your reward reports within the member area, 24 hours a day.

Survey Job <<<Click Here

Call Center Jobs

Control the call center from the comfort of your home. You can work from the office or from in your own home, as a representative for customers. You can earn as much as Rs.100 per hour.

Job Description:
Making sms or sending messages is the easiest thing we can do. In this role, you need to send sms via the portal we provide to customers. Log in to members area. Copy the message text and paste it onto the sms portal , and send them out to our clients. The message text, the client number and details about the recipient will be sent to you.


Basic knowledge of mobile devices is sufficient to be able to do this job.
There is no need to be a typing expert.
Send SMS from our portal , not your mobile.
No minimum amount of work to be accomplished in a single day.
Up to 1500 SMS can be sent each day.
No Registration fees.
Earnings will be credited within between 1 and 2 hours.
Find reports and information about earnings within the members area 24 hours a 7.

Call Center Jobs <<<Click Here

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