How to Check Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile?

WhatsApp is the preferred choice for a long time in terms of instant communication through digital. WhatsApp is now completely different from the way it was just a few several years back. Particularly since Facebook acquired WhatsApp earlier in time, users have seen several improvements to the application. WhatsApp allows you to erase your last message. It has added a new feature that allows you to determine whether the person who received your message has read the messaging or not. Furthermore, it’s permitting you to call your friends via WhatsApp. WhatsApp friends. These options improve the all-around WhatsApp experience. Beyond WhatsApp’s capabilities that you can use, there are various third-party programs to control WhatsApp messaging and recording WhatsApp phone calls, video chats, among other features.

We all know that the purpose of knowing those who have viewed the WhatsApp profile isn’t an authentic feature from WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s WhatsApp team isn’t ready to launch this feature soon since it could violate their users’ privacy. But that should not be an issue because of the fact that certain developers believe that this feature is one that the majority of users who use WhatsApp thus, we’ve designed applications that let that you have a notification of who has viewed your profile on WhatsApp profile and the profile photo.

How to Know Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on Android

WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me

The WhatsApp who has viewed me app was developed by a person who is focused on finding out who’s watching your WhatsApp account and who has been. This app isn’t available on Google Play Store yet. Google Play Store currently but users can get it via the following page.

It is a simple navigate interface. It is easy to install and download it, and then allow it to run at a very short period of duration. It will then reveal the number of people who viewed your WhatsApp profile in the last 24 hours.

An entire set of instructions are listed below to assist you in making the most use of the application

  1. It can be downloaded by following on the below link. It is possible to download the 1mobile app marketplace on any device you have, therefore take it. However you’ll be able uninstall it in the future.
  2. It is possible that you will need to allow to install Android applications that are through unknown origins prior to installing the application. Therefore navigate to Settings after which you can go to Security followed by Device Administration, make sure that you check the sources that are not known to you.
  3. Install the application and then open it.
  4. Click the large green ‘ Scan button.

Update 1: It is missing out on various accounts. The app tried to locate people who had saw my WhatsApp profile within minutes. I decided to access my profile on four different devices, but the app could not identify even one of them. However, it did display only one name, however, and it shows only just one profile (and I believe it likely to do this randomly) as the name isn’t on any of the four phones that I viewed my WhatsApp page. This indicates that the app may have issues or requires a amount of time to refresh the information, or that the app could be fake. I’ll release a new update in the near future.

Version 2 for HTML0 It’s been after a year, it seems that the app will continue to function just as it did before. This implies that it’s fake, and it does not display the names of users who have recently visited your WhatsApp profile. Instead, it shows a name that isn’t related to yours. To avoid confusion, avoid using this application. I’ll make a change to this article as soon as I’ve found a more efficient method to identify the person who’s following myself or me.

3.0 Update. Developer has removed the application from 1mobile. We did not look for its duplicate because the application was not working like we anticipated in our tests of the last few days and it could possibly be fake.


It is my hope this article was helpful to the users. Should you locate an app that offers details about the people who have saw your profile which you’ve added to your WhatsApp profile, let us know, and we’ll look to investigate this.

It is my firm recommend users not to utilize any of the programs that we’ve mentioned earlier as I’m not able to discern the level of security they offer.

If you’ve got additional questions or something you’d like to add to the discussion? Please let us know via an email or comment here.


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