How To Earn Money Online By Ehsaas Emergency Cash initiative

Today i am going to tell you how you apply for PM launches Ehsaas Emergency Cash initiative.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan made this program only for the poor. Only poor people are able to register themselves.

In this program you can also register through SMS. You can also register by visiting the website online !

1: How can i register Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program through SMS?

Send ID CARD number without dash on 8171
You will receive a message immediately

2: How do I register for this Ehsaas Emergency Cash initiative program through my website?

Yes friends also have a website from which you can register.
You will find a link to the website at the End.
From there you can easily open their website.
If you have any questions you want to ask me, you can easily find this website.

How can we help the poor with this program?

Yes friends, you can help the poor with this program.
All you have to do is stay poor if there is anyone around you.
You have to register in this program via SMS.
It will not cost you much money and it will not cost you much time.

Who can participate in the program?

This program is for the poor and deserving only.
PM launches Ehsaas Emergency Cash initiative.
There is a tremendous opportunity for the poor.
Take advantage of the program as much as you can.

What to do if you are not poor ?

If you belong to a rich family, it is your right to protect the poor around you.
As you know the Prime Minister has launched this program so you can help poor people through this program.
PM launches Ehsaas Emergency Cash initiative.
You just have to register their ID card number via SMS.
Send Their ID CARD number without any dash
Example : 3610423751845
Send ID CARD number on 8171

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