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Easy, simple, fast, secure, free VPN connection

  Lockheed VPN is a fast free VPN service. It requires setting zero and not creating an account. Click the button and you will be connected.

  VPNs are an important tool for today’s mobile user. Your data is encrypted, preventing others from viewing and copying your information. You can use public hotspots and phone carriers to make sure your information is secure.

  Many locations in the United States, Europe and Asia are included in our global network. Enjoy free and fast connection speeds using Location from the list.

  Delicious Connections – Free Protector and WiFi Security Master

  What information is there about breaking a VPN in the world?

  Usefulness – Unlocked, unmatched privacy protection is a privacy protection, security agent, Wi-Fi hotspot, fast and stable.
  Azipisa to users – free, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time, one touch overlay.

  All our efforts are just hope in your heart, Secure Tunnel is the best free VPN app.
  Secure 66 tunnel workshop with 5G, 4G, 3G, WiFi and all mobile data carriers.

  The tunnel server safely covers over 20 different regions of the world, with more than 5000+ proxy servers.

  Own high speed VPN proxy cloud servers located in India, Australia, Netherlands, United States, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK and more.

  – vpn for usa
  – vpn to germany
  – vpn to India
  – vpn for singapore
  – vpn for canada
  – vpn to Russia
  – vpn for japan

  Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic

  No credit card required, no payment, we promise to be free forever.
  Without registration.
  Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time, unlimited traffic, please enjoy.
  Easy to use, a touch to connect to a VPN proxy server.
  We do not limit server bandwidth, depending on your local Internet bandwidth.
  So, you can get up to 100Mb / s or even 1000Mb / s.
  We will never restrict surfing without worrying about your traffic, Wi-Fi, mobile data, and traffic.

  1. Turn off VoIP networks and video calls

  2. Unpublish the video webpage

  3. Go to school firewall, free VPN proxy school Wi-Fi.

  No notifications
  Safe Tunnel will never store your online behavior and will never upload your privacy information!

  ★ Bypass censorship
  We use multiple technologies to ensure the quality of our service.
  Whenever and wherever you are, you can find our continuous service.

  Privacy Protect your privacy, identity and security

  Secure Tunnel successfully passed the “DNS leak” test, which can effectively block DNS leaks, provide you with fake IPs, and hide the original IP.
  Using our VPN service may prevent your IP address.
  Secure tunnel Wi-Fi hotspots can save your network traffic under unknown search, without tracking.
  Anonymous searches, really protect privacy.

  connection Secure your connection
  All traffic (UDP / TCP) is encrypted by IPsec (IKEV2) while the secure tunnel is running.
  We use a lot of customization and encryption to protect your every connection.

  Special features of Tun Safe Tunnel (our strength)
  هیڅ No credit card required, no app purchase, permanent free.
  No registration required, no registration or password required.
  use Easy to use, One-to-One contact.
  a Connects to the fastest, fastest and most recent VPN proxy server.
  anonym No secret name, no DNS line, privacy protection.

  take care:
  We do not provide battery and no P2P (peer to peer) services
  For policy reasons, this service is not used in China. We apologize for any inconvenience

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