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1-Jasmine Festival for Women, up to 85% off!
  This is a mega discount for women starting September 5, dress yourself up and purify like Jasmine.
  2-Invite friends to win up to 1000 rupees!
  A button to share getU with your friends, easy to earn amazing rewards and daily bonuses.
  3-Get Rs .000 Vouchers today!
  7 Best Surprise Discount Vouchers For All Limit Shopping Purpose.
  New Flash Deals
  Targeted logo for Flash Deals, very easy to find low price with high quality!

  Gate One, an online shopping mall.  Get it, all for you!

  Gate One, an online shopping mall.
  Get it, all for you!

  [Global Procurement, Big Goods]
  getU is a comprehensive e-commerce category across all categories.  Buying from all over the world, offering a wide range of products to users at low prices

  [New package, different suggestions]
  Gateway offers a coupon of Rs.  At the same time, there are a number of special offers to allow users to get the best products at a lower price.

  [Full-hearted, professional service]
  Gateway is committed to providing every customer with a heartfelt service, whether it is product advice, search orders, after-sales processing.  We will serve users with a very warm service.

  [Sincere design, first choice]
  The simple design and simple process of getU simplifies every user’s buying process.  Enjoy every purchase.

  Happy shopping 🙂

  the Welcome to the tailor app!  ★★★

  With up to 3 million daily users, you’re in great company.

  Tailor is the leading online marketplace in South Asia, empowering thousands of shoppers to connect with millions of customers.

  Tailor is a mall, marketplace and community in your pocket that provides immediate and easy access to over 4 million products in 200 million products.

  Our “Mobile Week” campaign will run from June 24 to June 30 in a variety of your favorite brands on mobile phones, tables, accessories, TVs, audio systems, cameras, computer products, gaming consoles and computers.  Offer great discounts and deals.  Game supplies and much more!

  Mega Matters
  Our mega deals are focused, deeply discounted deals that are a steal for the price!  Be sure to check back while they are still in stock.

  Shake Shake
  Dazzle the app in our time-slots to win amazing vouchers and giveaways!

  Enough for you
  The Darz app recognizes your choice!  Our personalized app uses artificial intelligence to help you find what you’re looking for.

  Easy return and refund
  Customer safety is the biggest commitment we give our customers.  Manage and track your orders, and easily start returning and returning!

  Broadcast the sound
  Our voucher section offers new discounts from brands and sellers every day – use it now or collect it in your wallet!

  Daily Flash Sale

  Our 24/7 Flash sales offer great discounts on top selling products.  With limited time and stock, these are the first quick fingers!

  Bargain is your door to our top 300 brands that are committed to high quality products, fast shipping and a 14 day return policy!

  Top-up and Easter

  Purchase one of our ‘digital’ products to find deals near you or upgrade your phone to a local mobile network operator.

  Tailor vault
  Drag Vault is the fastest way to check-out with instant returns and special deposit bonuses!

  Easy and safe check-in
  Our PCI-DSS compliant technology ensures easy and secure payment for your purchase.

  Alerts & Messages
  Enable notifications to get updates on your favorite brands and special deals in the app!

  Global Collection
  Choose from, 000, 1,000,000,000,000 overseas foreign products, most of which are not found in Pakistan.  Pay for international products at PKR with each of our payment options, including cashless delivery.

  Ratings and reviews
  Our community-driven ratings and reviews allow you to fully validate your customers and gain real experience from previous customers.

  Happy shopping!

  We love your comment!  Also, if you have any technical issues, drop us a link to

  * Daraaz is the only operation in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal *


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