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What Is Tsu App?

Let’s talk about TSU Online Earnings App. Here you can like, comment on people’s photos and earn money by looking at them.

This is a great earning app about which you can read the full details in this article today. I will find

Here you can earn money by looking at other people’s pictures, liking, commenting and sharing them.

If you put your own pictures here, upload them. If another person likes your picture, he comments on it. Or if he shares it, he will also have an earring.

Tsu Online Earning App

Step1 Download Tsu App:

First you have to download this application in your mobile. To download you will get the mandatory download of the article. You have to click on it and install it.

After installing, you will be presented with an interface. If you enter your e-mail in it, you will have to enter any one of your e-mails in it and then another one will appear in front of you.

How To Register On Tsu?

This will ask your user for your second email address and your password so you can enter any strong password of your choice here and in the referral code you have to write Asad online and have an account in it.

How To Start Earning On Tsu App?

After creating an account, you get a lot of options in it and you will see a lot of pictures and videos here, so you have to make money by looking at the pictures and videos, you have to like them. Commenting and sharing on another social app will do the trick.

You can earn From your posts:

Tsu Online Earning App

You can also put your own photos and videos here. The advantage of this is that it will get more community to like and comment on your photo and your video.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

You have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Check Status On Tsu & Earning:

If you want to check your Like View daily, what is your status, then you have to go to its menu and there you will find a status option, there you have to come and all the details are in front of you.

It will come to pass that you have so many views today, so many likes, so many comments and your color has become so much.

Tsu Withdraw & Minimum Amount for Withdrawal?

15teen dollar is Minimum Amount for Withdrawal on tsu.

Withdrawal from this application is very simple. You have to go to the menu again. There you will find the option to withdraw. You have to click on it.

You will come across many options. You can get your money into Easypaisa Can be Withdraw in jazzcash or in a bank account.

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