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Innovative project designed to create an easy income as well as a successful marketing.

All you require to the work Maino is an internet connection! The site is accessible 24/7:

You are able to work at any time that you like. There is no specific skill needed to make money on the platform. It is possible to earn money at home on your couch, sitting on a bench in the road, or at the cafe.

There are only “live” people here: Our actors aren’t machines. This is verified by a high-quality Google ReCAPTCHA protection system and our personal design.

10 ways to create money and advertise:

Surf, MultiBux, tasks, short links, bonus extensions YouTube, VKontakte, site and the monetization

Instant payouts on deposits

With the known and reliable credit card, PAYEER. You can choose from 5 to 42 kopecks for each page.

Rules Of Work:

Administrator of the Mainobiz website Mainobiz in the next paragraphs is referred to as the administration. Administration is the person who manages the website in accordance with the guidelines of use applicable to the site Mainobiz. The rules are reviewed by the website.

Management as an open-ended offering. 1. Definitions and Terms 1.1.Mainobiz is a site accessible through the Internet is later referred to through its Project or Site, which provides Users according to the terms of this agreement, the capability to request orders in relation to the performance of their task (provision of services, or the execution of a task) and (or) accepting the requests to perform as per the terms specified in the agreement between the contractor and the customer. Mainobiz does not constitute the sole proprietor, nor Site Administration, Site Administration, nor Site Administration in any way is able to perform as a Contractor or Client acting as solely mediators between two entities.

1.2.Account can be described as an identification record given to every user. It contains details about the identity of the user such as payment details, statistics, data on the balance of funds and other details.

1.3. A user is someone who accepted the offer of public auction by sign-up on the Maino website for business.

1.4. “Advertiser” (“Customer”) is the person who has placed an order on the Mainobiz Website. Mainobiz Website.

1.5. “Contractor” – a user who completes an order an element of an order made through the website of the advertiser.

1.6. “Referral” – a User who is referred by a other member to sign up for the Project by a particular referral hyperlink.

1.7. “Referrer” – a User who has referred others to sign up for the Project via a individual referral link.

1.8. “Authentication and authorization” – accessing the account by entering identity information (username and password) on the Mainobiz website.

1.9. “Ban” – blocking the account of the user that eliminates the possibility of authorization or authentication and also any actions that are taken by the account.

  1. General rules

2.1. When registering on the Website, the User completely agrees and adheres to all the conditions and terms that are part of the agreement.

2.2. The Administration may, at its discretion and unilaterally alter the public offer by including on the Site Mainobiz the terms of the revised version. The most recent version of this offer is in effect at the time of the announcement.

2.3. Additional rules that are found in various sections of this Site constitute an important part of the deal.

2.4. The administration recommends that users regularly review the terms and conditions of this offer in order to ensure there aren’t any changes or modifications. The continued use of the Project by using the Project after the making of modifications or changes to this offer is acceptance and agreement of the user to these modifications or modifications.

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2.5.┬áThe administrator is able to shut down an account (or issue a Ban) to anyone whose activities hasn’t been reported for longer than six months. It will also come by removing the funds in the account balance and referrals, in addition to advertisements and other details.

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Please Note : You guys can exchange & withdraw minimum 1000RUB to your Easypaisa, JazzCash, Thanks

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