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Hello friends, today I will tell you how you can root your mobile from a mobile application.

Today’s article is a great read, if you do not want to read this article I will also give you a link to the video. You can also watch the video I created.
You can root your Android mobile within a minute without a computer or within five minutes from the mobile application.

Follow some steps to root mobile :

First download the New Version of the King Road application from my link as I have provide at the end of this article.

After downloading the application you will need to do some settings on your mobile

First you have to open the setting of your mobile and open the permission on it and give the King Road application all the permission so it can charge your mobile well.

After granting the root application permission, you will have to go back to your mobile settings and there you will see the software version in your phone by clicking on the software version. How to Open If you have a Build Number, you have to open the number exactly 7 times.
And this is how you open the Developer option

USB debugging :

After you turn on the Doody Production setting in your mobile then you have to go to the Setup option in your mobile and go to the developer option and in the developer OK you have to turn on USB debugging,

OEM unlocking :

And likewise, when you turn on the USB debugging in the developer options, then you have to look at the developer option. In this option you will see another option which is written above, which you believe people must do. All you have to do is unplug the button ( OEM unlocking ), you must do this in your mobile if you want to root any android mobile,

Now open the king root mobile application new version, and install new version of king root application in your mobile by clicking on the install button which is given below, in this way you can install new version of king root mobile application, download link is available in below, you can download kind root from,

now click on start button your mobile will be root in 10 20 minutes
now you can use king root mobile application and root your android mobile, easily,

Verify that root access (ripper or su) is installed correctly !!

Check the correct root access configuration (Ripper or su) and use the Root Checker! Free, fast, and easy To use on more than 50 million Android devices, the Root Checker shows users whether root access is installed or not working properly.

This app provides the latest Android user a simple way to check their devices to access the root (administrator, superuser, or su). The application provides a very simple user interface that easily informs the user whether he has root access (Ripper) or not.

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This application will test the device to access the root (superuser) using a very simple, fast and reliable method that has worked for more than 50 million Android devices. su binary is the most widely used on Android devices to grant and manage access to the root (superuser). The root checker will verify that the su binary exists and verify it in a common standard location on the device. In addition, the Root Checker will verify whether su suinary is working correctly in granting root access (Ripper).

Users often experience problems along the root access installation path, configured, acquired, or uninstalled to access and remove the root. For some users, the process can seem complex while the process can seem simple to others. Regardless of the user’s technical skill set, Root Checker will check quickly and correctly whether root access is 100% functional. The root access confirmation process is sometimes defined by other terms such as access to the superuser or access to the administrator. The root checker covers all these terms as they relate to one basic function, and the ability to execute commands through su binary with root access.

If superuser management applications (SuperSU, Superuser, etc.) are installed and working correctly, these applications will ask the user to accept or deny the root access request from the Root Checker. Accepting the request will allow the root checker to verify and confirm root access. Denying the request will cause the Root Checker to report that the root has not been reached.

For scenarios when there is concern that someone else has installed root access on the machine, the root checker can validate whether access to the root has been installed to provide more knowledge and knowledge.

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