Coinvid Cryptocurrency Exchange Review | coinvid Earning Details

Recharge and Withdrawal

  1. There is no charge for recharge.
  2. The withdrawal fee is split into two parts. The first is the mining cost, which is charged when withdrawing into the digital currency account. The fee for transfers onto the blockchain is dynamically adjusted depending on the amount of traffic in the blocknetwork. It will fluctuate.

The second part is the fee for flow services. If there is an unfinished flow into your account, specific flow service fee will be charged to withdraw funds.


  1. Spot transaction fees refer to the fee for handling the exchange of money and the amount when you purchase and sell in a spot transaction.
  2. The cost of a spot transaction is deducted from the total amount of transaction. In the event that BTC assets are acquired following the transaction, BTC will be charged as a transaction handling fee.


  1. The term “contract transaction fee” refers to the fee for handling for the opening and closing of positions within the perpetual contract. 2. The cost of contract transactions is dependent on the amount of contracts you exchange, however, it is not the market price. It is required to pay a particular amount USDT following the transaction to pay the fee for contract transactions.

| Invite Friends

Go to into the center for invitations, then copy the invitation link, or code, then share it with your acquaintances. Friends can become your subordinate members by signing up using the invitation code.

| Earn Rebates

You will receive rebates when you invite invitees trade with up to 3 levels for invitees. If, for instance, one invites a friend A, A invites B and B invites B and C, then A B, A and C will be able to trade games, swaps and other types of transactions through the platform. There is a chance to earn discounts in these transactions too.

| Team Level

If there are more Class 1 invitees that are promoted, there is a greater chance of achieving the team level and also the amount of rebates you are eligible for. This level of team is split into the LV1-LV6 levels. Check out the table below for the upgrade guidelines in which N represents the class one invitees who were in charge.

Instruction of USDT

USDT is a token that is based on USD that was launched through the Tether company. 1USDT=1USD. It can exchange with USDT or USD 1:1 at any point in time. The primary settlement unit used to determine pricing and exchange is USDT in this platform , to protect the user’s assets.

Tether strictly adheres to this reserve warranty 1:1 meaning that when tokens are is issued, there will be an investment assurance that is US 1 in the banking account. The users can inquire about funds on the website of Tether to verify the security of the. Customers can transfer USD by swiftly to the bank account offered by the Tether company or convert USDT using the exchange. After that, simply reverse the transaction to redeem US dollars. The most notable feature that is unique to USDT is that it’s comparable to the equivalent amount in US dollars. USDT is designed to be an equivalent of the legal tender used in the digital world which makes it an excellent security token for the volatile market for cryptocurrency.

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