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Friends, today we are going to tell you about the First Pay application, this app like Easypaisa and Jazzcash is paying Rs 50 only for creating an account, which you can download from here, at the very end of this article. Go and install today’s application First Pay in your mobile.

Hello! The side I am going to talk about today. It is a money making web site. You can make money by working on it ( Aladdinbay ). Make as many referrals as you can.
This side is so much fun. It is very easy to earn money. You can easily earn money here without any hard work referrals. No matter how many people come to it, you will get money for it. Apart from this, some tasks are given here. This side is giving another tremendous benefit. You get ten thousand rupees for creating an account.
Wow! It’s great to get so much money without any effort. Besides, you get 100 rupees for sharing your referral link. You can also withdraw all this money from your easy money Jazz Cash.

How to create an account on it? How to work? How to share the referral link? How to withdraw money? All the details are as follows.

How to create an account on Aladdinbay

If you have this web site curfew link then click on this link and click on register button. Fill out a form with your name on it.
Enter the number, email and referral code and click the submit button. A code will appear in your email. Copy and paste it into the code field. The account will be registered.
But if you do not have a referral link. So open Google in your mobile. In the search bar, type
And in the same way, create an account by clicking on the register button. As soon as you create an account, you will get a reward of ten thousand. You can also withdraw them. You can also do shopping with the money.

Now how do you send your referral link to others.

Go to your profile. Here are some task shows. First you have to verify your number.
Below you will find various options. You have to click on Net Task. Below you have to click on the Direct Adviser button and click on the Copy link. Your link will be copied. App ‘Telegram
Share the link on all accounts. Anyone who clicks on your link will create an account. In return you will get paid.
If you have three or four mobiles in your house. So all of them can earn money by sharing their link on mobile.
In addition, if you have a problem, they will have a WhatsApp show here. You can contact them by clicking on it. Here you can also do shopping by depositing money. For this you have to click on as setlist and click on recharge button. And you can deposit money through bank account or easy account.

How to Withdraw Money From

Now it is very easy to withdraw money from it.
The ten thousand rupees you earned. Only then can you get it out. When her annuity was over.
click home button
click jazz cash
You have to have a thousand rupees. Only then you can withdraw money from it. These events happen. They also end later. Get rid of them as soon as possible. Take advantage. You can find more information about it by searching on YouTube.

If you also want to install First Pay in your mobile, then you have come to the right place, download First Pay from the link given below.

Download Now <<<

Click And Download First Pay App Get Rs 50

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