Zong New Free Internet Offer 2019

Friends I hope you will be fine today I have brought great news for you guys today all the time today I will tell you how you can use the internet for free on the best network of Pakistan.

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Use Free Internet on Zong Sim while living in Pakistan

Please follow that

For this purpose you will first have to download a VPN and also give it to you at the end of this article in the PAN card download link. From there you can download the lens side too.

This is the fantastic VPN name that Zong is absolutely free to add to the Internet on the Internet, yes friends is the name of VPN. HighVPN

You will find the download link of this vaccine at the end of the article. From there you can easily download the statement. After downloading it you have to install it on your mobile and now I tell you. Also how do you use the net for free

Before using the free internet you must check these things on your mobile

The first thing a friend should have is your balance. You must have ten or twenty MB. If you do not even have time, you can connect with any of your friends and run Wi-Fi on it. Khoras can use Support Internet or friends can run the Internet with your other SIM. The meeting today is that you have to run it once from the Internet

After yesterday, you have to have ten or twenty MB to run the Soviet Union. If you do not have it, then you can run this web link from another MB or run it via WiFi. You also have to run your statement once through the Internet

Once you connect your VPN no matter what you do, then you have to turn off your SIM mobile data and turn off your SIM data by which you have banked it or Then turn up WiFi if you have them done via WiFi

Now friends you will see that your friend will start walking on Zhong Sim and here you must also make a setting in the pan. Kingdom Select You have to connect When you turn off mobile data, you have to listen to your playlist and turn on mobile data again.

Again when you contact soybean from your zong sim, you will get 500 MB for free in this religion which you can stand.

Evergreen Query Zong’s SIM will keep your internet running for free, no need for a balance and you will not have to buy internet data.

Remember that in this statement you will get Ali 500 MB. If you invite any friend then you will get 1000 MB and in the same way you will check daily from 200 to 300 MB. It will continue to meld

This is a great statement so that you can use the internet limitedly for free on your Zong SIM so you are getting a balance balance package installed so you do not need to have a balance. He just has to download the pan on his mobile and use the internet for free. It will last a lifetime, but there is no guarantee that it will be closed when it is fast. Block the pan so you can stand it as long as the freezer is running

Friends If you guys didn’t understand my article, I made a video on this topic. You can watch that video by clicking the button below.

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If you want to download this wonderful VPM card, you will find a link to it at the bottom of the article. You can easily download this statement by clicking the Download button below.

As friends you see that below you see a button you have to click on it and also scary and download If you want to run absolutely free net on reward zong sim then click on the button below.

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