Status Earning App|Make Money Online

About Status Earning App :

Hello friends how are you all I hope all is well friends today I will tell you about the status videos app where you can earn money by commenting on other people’s videos worthy of putting your video here You can still make money by doing this. Someone will like and comment on your video, share it, even then it will be useless.

Status Earning App|Make Money Online

Status Video App Login & Sign up:

Using the status videos application is very simple. The first thing you have to do is download this application and install it in your mobile. The first thing you have to do is click on your menu button to create an account.

You have to sign up and people click on their button. You click here. After clicking, you have to create an account here through your Facebook WhatsApp or mobile number. After creating an account, you will be fully ready to start earning here.

How To Get Earning On Status Earning App:

After creating an account, you can see here that you can find different types of images and different types of videos that you can earn money by sharing like comments.

You can post any of your videos if any You will watch, like and share your video. You will also earn from this application.

If you want to upload a video or photo of yourself to this app, you will see a plus button in this application.

You have to click on it and you will find a lot of options here. You will also find the option to write a text or a text here. You can do this in any custom image or video by clicking on one.

Status Earning App Withdrawal & Payment Accounts:

Now let’s talk about withdraw in this withdrawal application. When you have completed 200 Pakistani rupees in this application, you can easily withdraw from the status application.

Status Earning App|Make Money Online

First you have to deposit sixty thousand coins in this application for which the total prize will be two hundred rupees, then you also need at least two hundred rupees to withdraw here.

When you have completed the requirement, you can You can withdraw money from and the fun thing is that you will get your easy money in Jazz Cash.

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