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How do you make money from KingKong?

Charge to increase the membership level, the higher the membership level, the higher the amount of commission you earn for doing the 18 tasks every day, and you also can earn an additional bonus income of 200 percent commission on tasks

Your balance will determine what you can do with your membership level: you can only accomplish 18 tasks in a day, so you must choose the highest level for it.

If you’re balance has reached R1140 then you’re at 4 levels above the threshold. You can continue to Level 4. Quest

Make sure to keep the balance and the level is not reduced and you will earn money through completing tasks every day, when the balance is decreased then the level will be decreased, and the daily work commissions will also be cut

  • KingKong balance = Rs300=LV1 = daily earnings
  • KingKong balance is Rs1800. 2LV = Rs272 per daily earnings
  • KingKong balance = Rs4500 = LV3 = Rs704/daily earnings
  • KingKong balance = Rs11400=LV4 = Rs1846/daily earnings
  • KingKong balance = Rs28500=LV5 = Rs4770/daily earnings
  • KingKong balance = Rs84000 = LV6 = Rs14968/daily earnings
  • KingKong balance = Rs210000=LV7 = Rs39690/daily earnings
  • KingKong balance = Rs540000=LV8 = Rs107892/daily earnings

About King Kong

KING KONG LIMITED ( King Kong ) was established on the 14th of July 2014 United States and based in New York City, it has evolved into a global well-known online commerce marketing agency over the course of eight years. The company also created an expert e – commerce demo trading project King Kong in 2022. The group concentrates on helping online retailers increase their sales through SEO, content marketing, custom advertising optimization channels, support for channel and services, as well as the e the commerce demo trading marketing. King Kong has reached close collaboration with the world’s most renowned electronic commerce

businesses like Amazon, Etsy and Tmall that help businesses increase the value of the internet’s marketing channels and surpass rivals in the ever-changing digital marketplace.

King Kong’s business

We support customers that have enrolled in online commerce platforms to increase brand influence, increase the platform’s traffic, and then get orders using multichannel marketing techniques, such as SEO as well as content marketing, customized advertising optimization support for channels and e- commerce demo trading marketing.

SEO as well as content marketing

We mix it with sophisticated techniques for off-site optimization to get high-quality backlinks as well as improve the domain’s permissions. Our team is aware of changes to algorithms and their effects on the SERP rankings of your site and can adjust your SEO strategy based on the changes.

Custom advertising optimization

We use expert advertising optimization methods to ensure that your advertising investment can dramatically increase sales.

We help brands connect with customers through Amazon, Taobao, Etsy, Mercado Libre and other platforms to boost acceptance, conversion and recognition.

Support for Channels and Service

Our partnership with Amazon lets us offer our clients an unbeatable Amazon beta program prior to when they are allowed to enter the market. We directly connect our partners with Amazon DSP through self – service seats, which gives us greater flexibility and expand opportunities.

E- commerce Demo-Trading marketing

In all marketing strategies among all the methods of marketing, e – commerce demo trading is able to provide the highest and most direct ROI. Our team tailors each brand demo trading job to bring in significant profits for users participating in the program, which encourages greater engagement in the market and brand loyalty.

King Kong’s benefits

The King Kong’s marketing experts will assist you to get ahead in the electronic commerce market.

1.End services from – to services

Our experienced group of experts can create advertising strategies for companies to help your products gain more exposure and boost sales.

2.Maximize the profits

King Kong’s Omnichannel advertising experts will bring the most relevant and targeted consumers to your product list while ensuring that you control advertising spending.

3.Generate traffic that has an excellent conversion rate

King Kong adopts a computing data-driven approach to manage your platform ads and ensures that every aspect that you implement in your AMS plan is built upon real data .

Integrate marketing channels

If you already have Amazon PPC activities, we will analyze them thoroughly to discover opportunities for improvement. We’ll also work together with your team to determine specific goals and KPIs that will accurately evaluate your advertising performance.

Research on key keywords

The study not only shows us the keywords that should be bid on and positioned as well, but also the most appropriate phrases to use in your advertising text and pages for products in order to correctly create keywords for sales.

6.Improve your profile

When your advertising series goes live We will closely monitor the bids of your chosen keywords and provide you with the most popular keywords and clicks at the lowest price in terms of advertising revenue ( ACOS ).

7.Boost your brand

We will dissect the data from the beginning and provide you with the transformation indicators and the performance monitored in line with your goals and KPIs in monthly and weekly reports that we send to you, to ensure that you get the most crucial information to help build your brand and gain brand appreciat

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King Kong’s hidden weapon

How did King Kong make itself a world leader in acquiring new customers ?

King Kong has a highly skilled marketing team in charge of the creation, implementation and administration of a range of demo trading tasks that are required by every brand. King Kong has sorted out an order-based demo trading procedure, starting from the branding of the brand as well as the words of-mouth assessment, in order to assist users participate in the zero-barrel demo trading tasks, resulting in the greatest traffic growth for the brand and to attract new customers.

King Kong’s unbeatable sources of data, creativity channel, strategy, analysis, and technology are among the greatest assets to brand expansion. King Kong has more than 500 thousand users as well as thousands of co-branded brands.

King Kong knows how to make use of all resources in order to achieve the goal of brand growth that is King Kong’s strongest method of accumulating an enormous user base.

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