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Chingari The perfect way to become an overnight internet sensation throuCgh making short videos. Chingari is among the most popular short video applications that lets you create unique videos and dance to your favorite songs, experiment with fun and thrilling AR filters. You can also even lip-sync to your favorite song’s dialogues, and earn money with short videos. Find your favorite videos at your fingertips due to our stylish and user-friendly layout.

powered by our app’s token, GARI can earn you money while you share your videos with your followers.

What’s the most exciting thing about Chingari

GARI Mining

Earn GARI by creating or watching, liking, or posting videos to Chingari

Increase each day’s GARI earnings by 10x using Booster Badges

Audio Rooms

Creators and followers can join forces to host audio-based interactive spaces
Direct notifications to followers via creators
In-app gifting is a feature where users can make virtual gifts
Themes and special effects for an individual experience
Unlimited users in one audio room

Gaming Zone

Enjoy your favorite games Play your favourite games ONMO the most popular gaming platform that’s connected to Chingari
Make sure you challenge your buddies


Virtual currency in-app to pay for services and assets within the app
Make sure your videos and profiles are optimized to get your message out to a wider audience
Make purchases of digital gifts and assets from audio rooms

Chingari Multiplex

You can watch your favourite films using the Chingari app.

Chingari TV

Live TV can be watched on Q TV within the Chingari app.


Users can connect directly with their favorite creators.

Following Feed

Watch the videos of the creators you follow.

Chingari Superstars

Earn badges and rewards by getting Chingari Superstars.
You could become the next topic on the town.


You enjoyed the work of the creators? Show some appreciation and give a offer a tip
You can unlock more exclusive content by creators and cash rewards when you give more


Make a stunning video with just a single click.
Your talent will be seen by over 150 million people who use Chingari.

GARI Wallet + Tipping

A crypto wallet that is integrated into Chingari application to store GARI
Send and receive GARI in other wallets
Make sure you tip your most beloved creator by using GARI
Get more points and access Exclusive content simply by tipping GARI
Earn GARI and Chingari’s token in-app
You can watch videos to earn GARI tokens.
Comment, like and like the videos, and get GARI tokens

Multilingual App

Make contact with your target potential customers in your language
More than 20 different languages are available.
English, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada and many more

  • “We only need a spark that can illuminate the dark” They claim. To prove this statement time and again An Indian App has rose in the face of its competition.
  • The app is widely regarded for its role as the Indian alternative to Chinese TikTok, Chingari – true to its name has ignited the market creating a new era on social networks. In just 22 days Chingari is downloaded by over 1 million Indian smartphones.
  • While it was on the market for a long duration, Chingari has, the whole while, was a distant second to its massive rival TikTok. Since its Indian ban on the 59 Chinese applications in response to Galwan Valley, the Galwan Valley clash, our own video platform desi is gaining immense rise in popularity.
  • Sumit Ghosh who was one of the co-founders of the app revealed that the app has been receiving over 10 lakh people in 30 minutes.

An appropriate response as it has offered an appropriate response to TikTok in a more narrow perspective, and to the excessive dependence that Indians on Chinese products on a wider level, let’s find out some things about Chingari as the Indian alternative to Chinese Hegemony.

  1. The app was developed by two programmers , Siddharth Gautam as well as Biswatma Nayak. They are based in Bangalore and widely considered to be India’s Silicon Valley of India.

Biswatma Nayak, co-founder of Chingari

  1. Chingari was initially launched by Google Play in November 2018. It was first launched Google Play in November 2018 as well as for iPhone customers in the month of January of 2019.
  2. In a clear advantage in comparison to TikTok, Chingari, apart from permitting users to upload videos as well as explore content in a news feed format allows them to meet new people and share their content.
  3. Contrary to Chingari, which is not like its Chinese cousin, Chingari also offers trending news as well as love quotes, music news and much more.
  4. Earn money through uploading videos to the application. Chingari offers users money depending on the amount of popularity they get from the content they upload. Users gain points based on the amount of views their videos receive. Each viewer earns points. Points can later be traded for cash.

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  • You can call it a fluke, or the convictions of the founders However, the Indian alternative definitely gives TikTok the run of its money.
  • While Chingari, the Chinese giant has reassured its customers about its compliance with rules of data security and has stated that it will try to persuade government officials to lift the ban, Chingari will remain in place.
  • With more appealing features and a touch of desi, Chingari – which means “Spark” in English will continue to light on the faces of many talented youngsters.

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