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About Us

BitcoinMiningCorp is the fastest growing and most promising cryptocurrency trading program currently available that focuses on providing profitable cryptocurrency investment solutions through AI robot trading.


Vigorous activity in this direction has enabled the company to form an efficient team of specialists and to gain extensive practical experience.

To exchange:

We strongly believe in the future of cryptocurrency exchange trading as the cryptocurrency market is the largest market by volume and therefore has the highest liquidity on many exchanges.


We use trading robots with artificial intelligence because their performance is superior to that of all manually controlled transactions. Knowing that the market can be easily manipulated.

Market value:

our specialists can analyze the market and draw the necessary conclusions based on the changes, applying new approaches and methods of bot trading with artificial intelligence.

We and Bitcoin chart:

Since the existence of Bitcoin, we have seen it increase on several occasions, and with the altcoin market, cryptocurrency trading has been very profitable with the right size.

Dream of success:

We cannot be successful, so we take this opportunity to make this dream possible for everyone. Enter us today and get your successful earning together.


24/7 mining
24/7 mining

Instant withdrawal

Withdrawals are instantly credited to your wallet.

Affiliate system

Earnings 10%

BitcoinMiningCorp Statistics

Active users

19,240 USD
General deposit

$ 35,634
Total withdrawals

Online days

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