make call with private number

Duplicate programs – fake calls and professional messages.

  False calls and SMS messages are an incorrect claim. False calls and professional messages.

  The app mimics a fake collar to get rid of weird things, alcoholism, light conversations, strangers …

  The app follows a fake message sender. You can fix not only your inbox, but also your inbox, project box, and error message box. You will be able to send accurate messages. Help us by avoiding strange questions

  The application is prepared and therefore no fee will be charged, free of charge.


  – Anonymity, the name of the request will be called “Assistant Call”.
  – Error – Error calls (incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls).
  1. Simulate more than one phone number to call on the screen: Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, …
  It will be constantly updated according to user needs.
  2. Personalize fake call details – name, phone number, photo, ringtone,
  3. Select fake contact information from the contacts.
  4. Choose your favorite / fake challenge: girlfriend, lover, pizza, …
  5. Record a sound or select it to obtain the available fake audio clip.
  Listen to your phone
  6. Create fake call programs at a certain time.
  7. Adjust the tempo, vibration and tempo of the false.
  – Duplicate messages – False (Inbox, GO, Projects, Errors …).
  Personalize fake message data: name, phone number, message content.
  2. Select fake contact message information.
  3. Select the mailbox folder to log in. Inbox, messages sent, errors, draft, get …
  4. Change the pace of fake messages.

  Searching words: للديكور

  Make incoming calls to your phone using fake documents.

  Do you think your friends are calling from an important call? I would love to have a phone call to make an excuse.

  You can do anything with fake calls. The caller is a program that receives the caller’s name and number.

  There is a tool that can be used to schedule fake calls from a compatible screen.


  Ongoing call.
  Launch the app, fill in the name, number, and time delay of the person you want to call, and then click Program. If you think about it, you can cancel the call after closing the app.

  Widget calls:
  The fake call widget allows a fake call program to push the button. Add the widget to your Android device and tap to make a call. Blue icons indicate that the call is ready, and a red flag indicates that the desired call is activated.
  If you want to create a widget call using the caller ID / name / delay periodically, use the Secure Area button on the Main Application.

  Funny, necklace necklace. Simulating fake SMS, calls and rape.

  A free and fake app on the Android Market.

  Fun app for fake callers, fake callers: simulator for calling fake SMS, calls and jokes. The Play Store is a very fake and completely reliable app with the latest Android app features.

  Create a fake ID to protect yourself from strange situations, such as boring conversations, annoying conversations, and meaningless conversations.

You can download fake, edit calls or fake messages with the numbers and contacts you want. The fake call will not be charged, it is free.

  Key Features of a False Caller ID:

  ★ Free to download fake call app.

  ★ Speed ​​is fully optimized for all applications to run smoothly.

  ★ Play fake voices after answering fake calls

  ★ Also shown in fake call log

  ★ Simulate fake call screen like your different phones: Samsung UI, Sony Erisson, HTC and more

  ★ Customize and manage different sounds in different ringtones and ringtones.

  ★ Fake Caller Prank helps you select a caller from your contact list or enter a new contact.

  ★ You can also set up call time and set up multiple fake calls for different times.

  ★ Get inbound calls with pre-recorded personalized photos and audio.

  ★ Compatible This app is compatible with both phones and tablets

  ★ Share your fake caller ID with your friends on Gmail, Message and Twitter.

  How fake calls work:

  1. Choose what you want to simulate: False calls or fake SMS.

  2. Set the name, phone number, and caller image.

  3. Record voice: You can play sound automatically when you make a call.

  4. Enter your fake SMS chat.

  5. Choose delay time to receive fake calls or fake SMS.

  6. Have fun with your friends!

  Permissions are for better service only, we do not collect user information.

  The fake call has no functional incoming call; it’s just an incoming call.

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