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Running so thieves do not know what it means to be crazy. Feeling like crazy because I am so happy means if you do not go as much as you did with your siblings you will not find yourself. So much so that nature will be so bad that whatever you have done on YouTube or not has its fruit, you get it. If I go home then I will talk to you. I will talk about the coaching program I was exposed to and how much time I felt I will talk about it today. In this video I forgot to take a full time supplement. Four months into this I know that I am talking a very short time so you would think that it takes me a year or a half or so.

At first, I have been doing a lot of work on YouTube, even at a distance, since 2011 I have been on duty and now you will see that you are also tired of reading many seams before. It is very difficult to get money from a friend etc. You also mean to me in four months, do not think that friends have missed four. There will be people who leave in two days.

How to see how everyone on YouTube will speak to you, but after a year of friends will start to spoon you or groups think for a year and what a mess it looks like your experience After a year you get the idea of ​​exactly what time to load the move What got out of the cunt No one gets to hear from the YouTube channel you read in one year. The channel is about to be done and my friends who have an express request have stopped. Know that he gives up the dollar gives Google AdSense payment so that the aunt was not coming out of the bus as soon Next Month The update to the means 14 again

Ashura, he is blanketed and you are me. Permanent date 21 is deleted. I have a lot of dots in my mind. I do not know that the payment will not come. This is what happens with so many thieves. But nothing like this happened. Then a legacy came from the heart. I don’t have any money on youtube There is no way out and the other thing is just to tell you that Google Adsense, even if you put a penny on it, is a long way away when it comes to you and will not be able to reach you very honestly. I don’t have any quotations in Urdu so my Urdu pitcher has come up with a lot of foundation on this. If you have done many belts, then it would not have been a slave to be yourself. The content that my container loads will be watched by you watching the dead video How to thicken the YouTube channel Tights means whatever you want for YouTube. What happens is I upload it to my channel

How to subscribe I got to hear some good comments in the comments and told people that the president of the first club was raised and that his father was absolutely right. So what is my fault that you think that from jail time to now? If I have reached fourteen thousand, how much time will it take so little time medical when exactly the express was already to handle which one to load then that one prostration which I have in front of you will be sharing here and your love He’s making it up to me, or he’s also lost our channel a little too badly by YouTube’s Supplement Protein and other

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