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What do people do?

People all over Pakistan are celebrating Independence Day with patriotism. Most who attend Independence Day are dressed in green and white, the flag of Pakistan. People visit national landmarks and important places in the country to celebrate Independence Day. Good time to meet family members, exchange gifts and visit great places to visit.

In the morning, Pakistani flags hang in public and private buildings, houses and monuments. Government buildings, including Parliament House, were decorated and painted. The Prime Minister and the President congratulated the country on the importance of today. Roads and houses are decorated with candles, oil lamps and pens. Fireworks celebrate Independence Day.

Pakistan Independence Day is remembered by those who sacrificed their lives for the independence movement and sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of Pakistan. The guards were made the tombs of poets, philosophers and politicians, Muhammad Iqbal and national monuments, including the well-known founder and supreme leader of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Today’s events include special theater performances, national singing competitions, concerts and Independence Day celebrations. The national anthem on radio and television, especially on Independence Day.

Normal life

August 8 is a legal holiday in Pakistan. All public-private offices, educational institutions, post offices and major markets are closed.

There is no mass transport on all highways. Traffic wives often occur as a result of the crowds of Independence Day.


India – The Pakistani subcontinent remained in Britain from 1849-1947. The inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent did not comply with British law in the United States. 185 The 1857 coup chose the independence movement, which reflects the independence of British Indians.

Before the British invasion, Muslims ruled the Indian subcontinent, and in 1857 the British East India Company was shocked by the revolution. Leaders like Syed Ahmed Khan and Saundar Amir Ali worked hard for the political development of the Muslim people.

The Indian National Parliament was established in 1885 and later became the largest political party for the government of British India. Prominent political leaders of Muslims, including Muhammad Ali Jinnah, are members of the National Assembly of India and serve in the Hindu Muslim League and Indian Independence.

All India Muslim League was created on December 6, India. Demand for India’s sovereign Muslim states is increasing. In the 9th century, Iqbal proposed the idea of ​​an independent Islamic state, including the geography of the Indian subcontinent, especially Muslim regions. The word Pakistan is a combination of two words, which means that the earth is clear in the sense created by fourteen Rahmat Ali.

Strong Indian nationalism was born into the ideals of both Pakistan-based countries. ানে In Pakistan, the British from Lahore decided to demand the release of Muslims in India.

After World War II, British colonialism soon ended. The Pakistani movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah led to the establishment of the Islamic State. 19 The British-Pakistani government in 1947 was independent of British independence on 5 August. 1971 In 1971, East Pakistan left West Pakistan and became Bangladesh.


Green and white are the official colors of Pakistan. Spain represents peace and green represents prosperity.

Celebrate Independence Day

Holidays are currently only available for the period 24-20.

Note: Government offices and many businesses are closed on public holidays so that people are not harmed by their daily work.

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court of the Punjab Province of Pakistan, stating that Pakistan’s independence is not on August 7, but on August 7.

According to the petitioner, the country is puzzled at the government level on the occasion of Independence Day. Ask the court to correct this error.
Former press lawyer Shahbaz Zandran filed a petition in the Supreme Court.
In the petition to the Supreme Court, several provisions of the Indian Independence Act of 1947 were presented as an argument. For example, in this petition, Article 1 of India’s Independence Act states that “on August 8, two independent states will be established in India, known as India and Pakistan.”
The applicant asserts that the submission of 8 August (Independence Day) instead of 7 August is an irresponsible and illegal step for the Government.
This request forms the basis of Article 5 of the Constitution, which guarantees the right of access to information for the people. The application states that people have the basic right to be informed on the day their country becomes independent.

The app has been shared by the Pakistani government, Ministry of Interior and curriculum makers.
“I do not object to the reason why August 8 is celebrated on Independence Day; it should not be a victim of lies and deception,” Shahbaz Zandran, who filed the petition, told Ordu News. You learn the exact history. “

View of the flag on the frontier encountered between Pakistan and India. Photo: AFP

He says that distorted history is taught everywhere from elementary grades to graduate studies and later civil service exams “tell the nation why.
Shahbaz Zandran was not the first to talk about the accuracy of history in this area. Great pen writers raised the pen several times about it. One of the most authoritative references in this regard is the book “Killing History” by K. Aziz, where he sought to eliminate much of the historical confusion, including the date set for Independence Day.

However, this is the first court that tried to resolve the dispute. Shehbaz Gandran’s appeal has not yet been heard, but he believes he will win the legal battle.

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