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A lot of people have asked me about a program known as Givvy Video. The app claims that you can earn real money taking a look at YouTube videos.

Now, the issue is whether it’s genuine or an additional scam to stay clear of.

I tried the app out for a spin to see the workings of it and discover all the capabilities. This Givvy videos review I’ll explain the details of the features this app can offer, so you can be aware of what you’re taking on.

Let me tell you now that there are several important points you should be aware of regarding this app. Let’s begin with this review, shall we?

What exactly is Givvy Videos and what does it provide?

Givvy Videos is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) application that will pay you for watching videos as well as participating in other opportunities to earn it provides. It’s developed by the same company that invented Givvy Radios. It is legitimate since you’ll actually earn money to view videos

However, this doesn’t mean it’s not worth using. To figure out whether Givvy Videos is worth it or not, it is important to first know how it functions.

To help, I’ve created a video that explains exactly the way Givvy Videos works. You can learn more about the process in the video.

Option 1 – Watching videos

The main method to earn cash from this application is to watch videos. All you need to do is sign in to the dashboard of members, and you’ll immediately be able to view all the videos you are able to see.

Press any video to begin watching. But, what happens is that the video advert appears instead of the video you’re supposed to be watching. You must look through the advertisement in order to access the video you’d like to view. It generally takes between 10-20 seconds for the video advertisement to load, so you must be patient.

The thing that is different is that once you have access to the actual video that you can view, you believe that you’ll be rewarded after you’ve finished viewing the film. However, this isn’t the situation.

Instead, you’ll be given coins randomly, however you must view a commercial video for them in order to get these coins. In certain instances, you’ll also notice a gift box symbol in the upper right-hand corner.

If you click on that icon, a second pop-up video advertisement will pop up and you must watch it through to get the present, which will comprise a set amount of coins.

In reality you’re not actually paid to view YouTube videos. Instead, you’re being paid to view video ads.

I’ll inform you now that these ads are extremely inundating. The majority of them make false claims and I strongly suggest you avoid these ads since they typically ask you to install unneeded mobile applications according to my experience.

Option 2 – Offerwalls

Another method to earn money through Givvy Videos is by working on their offerwalls. It is true that they have plenty of offerwalls, however the issue is that the amount of offers available will depend on where you live.

According to my personal experience my personal experience, those living within these countries, US, UK, and Canada have the best opportunities. Other countries might get a few occasions however, they won’t be as numerous as the three previously mentioned.

Many paid offers that are advertised on offerwalls require users to take part in surveys or download a different mobile application. Before you get started on a paid deal I’d suggest that you go through the directions carefully before you begin to work so that you don’t skip any steps.

Since if you do not complete one of the steps, you will not be able complete the payment, and you won’t be able to earn any money. Therefore, make sure you are aware of what the offer requires you to complete before you begin working on it.

If you successfully complete an offer that is paid for and complete the offer, you’ll be rewarded with the amount you earned which will then be added towards the account on your Givvy Videos account.

Option 3. Referral program

Finally you are able to invite others for the program in order to receive additional rewards. The referral program allows you to earn money by doing nothing. All you need be doing is to share the invite link to the person you wish to invite.

When they click on the link and register as an account with Givvy Videos, they will be your new referral. In exchange you’ll receive 10% of the commission each time your referral cashes out. Your referral will also get $0.02 for a signing-up reward This isn’t a lot.

It’s a passive way of earning money, however, it’s not likely to make a significant amount of money from this venture as you’ll understand the reason in the future.

How do you earn money?

As mentioned above You earn coins by earning points that the app provides. You can then make use of the coins that you’ve earned to redeem different rewards

It is possible to convert currency into cash using Payeer, Airtm, Coinbase, Perfect Money, Advcash or PayPal. The amount of coins required in order to cash out rewards will be contingent depending on which payment option you select.

For instance, if you plan take your money using Payeer, your threshold will be $0.19. If you wish cash out your winnings through PayPal the threshold would be $1.04.

For the conversion rate for 10,000 coins, it’s only worth $0.01. If you’re looking to withdraw your earnings through PayPal then you’ll need to earn 140,000 coins, which is a significant amount I think.

Overall, the payment process of Givvy Video is fairly simple, and I appreciate how it has an easy way to pay for purchases such as PayPal and cryptocurrency. If you’re looking for other sites that provide convenient payment options,

How much can you make?

Let me make it clear. There is no way to make a lot of money with this application. In the above paragraph you’ll need earn more than one million coins for $1. If you are relying in watching video clips to make coins it’ll take you months to earn that amount of coins since you’ll only receive 3,000-5,000 coins per month.

The major problem of this app is the small rewards it provides. It takes an extremely long time to earn one dollar through this application. Therefore, it’s not a reliable method to earn money. So, I’d consider the earnings potential of this application is extremely small, and it’s certainly not something I’d recommend others.

Do you think it is possible to utilize it on a computer?

Givvy Videos is a mobile-only platform, meaning that you have to utilize an mobile device if you are hoping to earn money from it.

For the app, it is only available for download via the Android app store. If you’re an iOS user the app isn’t for you.

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