Or after you click on the net and if you click on the next spy then what will happen if you get fifty bucks to see it here, this guy can load 50% of his

80% of his item or mobile. Here’s how he’ll click on my mobile and click on the prepaid. Here you can see all the networks here. As Telenor Ufone can load any number, you can go fifty. Send if sand Depends on how much you want to sand, then you will benefit

if they deposit themselves then you are very good. That is the whole procedure, if he downloads from your account by creating an account then he will have to post 50 rupees required then you will get 345 here if not everyone is sure. Grab the mobile of

your Ami Abu or a friend first of all, you must click the invoice and send it to the new edition. Ok then make your own mobile number card on his mobile which is mobile. On account of this number you have got a very amazing opportunity to get fifty rupees sent for

three hundred rupees here and this offer is limited Well, you should definitely check it out here or not by putting it on you and the station here and check whether it is currently available here or not. If you have this show in your mind, then you have it. Doing all the work that this good thing

does not end for a limited period of time, so there was a lot of awesomeness. Shay Allah will show

you his payment even if I do it separately so you guys don’t do too much like that. If you can comment for more information, please remember in your prayers in proof countries

They will ask you for the data for what they are and after that you will have easy access to the account. If you are having trouble with the account you are not creating, then the video was created. If you are not going to be above your account, that is exactly what I showed you guys in this application by creating an account live. Will definitely watch this video

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