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Hello. We would like to welcome you to our site.

Log into your account to earn money from cloud mining.

We provide a bonus at the beginning of each session 100 DOGECOIN for every participant.

A total of six tariffs are available, with daily earnings of up to +10percent .

Daily bonuses are also offered as well as the ability to see ads on the opportunity to earn.

We provide a two-level referral system that includes 15 and 3 percent.

Benefit for signing up to telegram Channel 50 Doge Bounty Rewards system: 20 to 3000 DOGE


We’re ready to encourage users to be active in their

and, in addition to the and in addition to the affiliate program, we offer as a reward for those who create Video Reviews or posts of our Project.

1. Welcome bonus:

Welcome to our group! We’re delighted to offer a bonus for every new member. Participate and earn cash on our platform.

2 – Facebook/Twitter/VK/Telegram

Make a blog post or tweet about the project that explains your experience working with us. You will earn money for it:

* Send us the URL of the tweet/post.

* Your profile has to be public.

* One weekly submission is permitted.

3 – Monitors/Blogs:

Create a description to promote our contest on your blog or monitor and be paid for it

* Make a thread, or make a post on a social media site or blog.

* Blog posts must contain the minimum of 200 words.

* The blog post must contain your referral link at the very last page in the post.

*Your Monitor listing has to be to the Public and contain your reference link

* Don’t erase the blog or Votes. If you remove it, the action is considered to be fraudulent and you’ll be barred from participating with the reward program. The admin has the option to stop your account and to pay you.

4 – Review Videos:

Create a review video, upload it to your Facebook or YouTube channels and you will be paid for it.

* Send us your video link

* The minimum length for a video is 1 minute.

* Only one weekly video is compensated. Include your referral link in the box for description of the video.

Do not erase the video. If you erase the video, the action is considered to be fraud and you’ll be barred from participating with the reward program. Additionally, admin has the power to stop your account and pay out. The company has the option to offer the reward at any time, dependent upon the high quality and integrity of video.

1. User account

1.1. You are only allowed to have one account. If you have multiple accounts all of them are suspended for a period of time.

1.2. Your email address will not be disclosed, distributed or traded.

1.3. We will not change information about user accounts based upon requests from users.

1.4. You must use the correct information when you register or update your personal information, or else your account could be revoked.

1.5. Each advertisement is watched from using the exact IP address one time per day.

2. Referrals

2.1. You can refer users to unlimited without limit.

2.2. A referral will not be in a position to alter the member who referred them.

2.3. The clicks you make through the referrals you make will be added to your account in a matter of minutes.

3. Anti-cheat Policy

3.1. Anyone who attempts to break systems will be uncovered and the user’s account will be permanently blocked.

3.2. Utilizing any auto-click application to display advertisements will cause suspending your account.

3.3. Any attempt to manually or automatically load/view pages frequently will result in an immediate suspension from the account.

3.4. Sometimes, we will inform you, but sometimes not. Whatever the case, when you ask for a payment our system of monitoring will review your actions and make its own actions to compensate you. Usually, any attempt to evade the system could result in the account being closed.

4. Payments to Members

4.1. Payments are made to users using Dogecoin. DOGE is the only method of payment is offered in the present.

4.2. You are only able to ask for an unlimited amount to be transferred to the processor you employed to complete the majority of your purchases with a monetary amount.

4.3. The payment will be processed automatically.

5. Payments to the site

5.1. All payments will be processed using the payment methods that are available on the website.

5.2. All purchases are non-refundable. If you experience any problems with your purchase we can help you with customer support by submitting an account with us and submitting a support ticket. We’ll work with you to solve any issue you might face.

5.3. Any chargebacks or reversed transactions involving your payment could result in an immediate suspension of your account.

5.4. All deposits are effective immediately.

6. Advertisements

6.1. We will accept any type of advertising, except for pages that have broken from frames contain malware, are redirecting you to another page, or contain content that is illegal or adult.

6.2. The viewing of ads on mobile phones and tablets is permitted, but we can’t assure that they will function effectively.

6.3. The promotion of scam websites are not allowed. If the site you are trying to promote is a well-known fraud, we will not allow it.

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