Play and Earn Money Download Application & Review

Play and Earn Money Download Application & Review

Hello! I am going to talk about today. It is a money making App. You can earn money by working on it. Search for its application on PlayStore. You can also install its application in mobile.
But this side is very fun. It is very easy to make money. You can easily earn money here without any hard work. No matter how many people come to it, you will get money for it.

Earning Tutorial On Givvy Apps

In addition, here you are given some tasks. You have to complete them daily. You have to look after them. When you complete the task, you get coins. More, here you get all the options. Has to be checked so that you understand all the options.
You do not have to make any investment here. You are given tasks here for free. After completing them you get coins. You are given limited tasks daily. You can also convert coins into dollars, which you can withdraw.
This is the funniest thing about this side. That gives you 100 coins for free when you create an account, which you can also withdraw.

Now where and how to open this App? How to create an account? How to do withdrawal. Details of all these are given below.

How to create an account on Givvy App

If you are opening it with someone else’s link, that’s fine. If you don’t have the link, then go to Play Store and write Play and Earn. Download this app.
Once installed, link it to a Facebook or Google Account.

How to work

It’s very easy to work on.
Open This application. Here are some daily awards. You have to collect them.
In addition, some surveys are given. They have to be completed. On completion of one survey, you get 300 coins.
Here you will find the option of invite. Click on it to copy the link. Share it with as many friends as possible. You also get coins from this. You can also convert these coins into dollars.

How to convert

There is a very simple way.
Click on convert button
Click on continoue
Coins will be converted into dollars.

How to take a withdrawal

Click on Dollars. Here you are shown various options. Whichever way you want to take money. Click on it. Enter the address. Write down the amount. Click on the withdrawal. Then click on ok. Withdrawal in ( Coinbase, Binance, Payeer, Etc …

Real or Fake Givvy App Review

Play and Earn ( Givvy App ) is real or fake. For this you can go to YouTube and check its review. And you can also check its rating from Google. It is still real. And there is also a withdrawal. There is no guarantee afterwards. Satisfy yourself well, create an account on it and take advantage of this offer.

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