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Today i am going to tell you about insaf imdad app, apk, application,
Download this insaf imdad application.

Hi my name is Qadeer Munir. I also made a video about it. It was my right to tell you about this application. Now you people have this right. That you guys have to help the poor with this application.

Insaf Imdad Mazdoor Ka Ehsas Programme – Now let me tell you how you can help the poor with this application.

1: You people have to download this insaf imdad application.
2: If there is a poor guy around you
3: Or you are a poor man yourself.
4: If you are not a poor man then you have this right.
You have to help the poor around with this insaf imdad application.
5: You have to register the poor around you in this application
It won’t take you much time.
The simplest thing is you can register any poor guy in it.
I will also tell you how to register.
If you have a poor guy around, I will tell you how to register his name.

First of all, Download insaf imdad application from my website Download link is given below.

1: Open insaf imdad app
2: Now write the name of the poor guy you want to register in this application.
3: Then you write the poor man’s identification card number.
4: Finally you should give it to the poor man’s mobile number.

When you’re done. So I hope you don’t waste too much time on this. In one to two minutes you’ll be done.
So what’s the matter? You must help the poor around you. All the poor around you. Register everyone in the application.

Who are the people who cannot register in Mazdoor Ka Ehsas Programme

1: Those whose bills are more than 10 thousand can not be registered in this application
2: Those who have motorcycle car rickshaws also cannot register in this application.
3: Even those who were employed by the government could not register in the application.
4: People who own land also cannot register in this application.

Remember that this application is for poor people only. This application is not for the rich. If you are rich then you must help poor people with this application.

Government To Lanch Mazdoor Ka Ehsas Programme | 1 May 2020

Did you know that the first poor people got up to twelve thousand for free?
Now in the same way a very powerful program has been set up for the working people in which they will get twelve thousand absolutely free.
They can register for it online and get their Rs 12,000 easily

What do they have to fill in the registration form?

first of all fill the captcha and then fill the form …

1: ID card number
2: Phone number
3: your name
4: Your salary
5: select your profession
6: You worked for someone or you became unemployed yourself
7: When did your job end?
8: What was the name of your owner, contractor or company?
9: Mobile operator
10: What was your company’s mobile number?
11: Select District

Just Click On Register Button

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