How to Reupload your Facebook profile picture with old likes

Friends today I will tell you how you can re-upload your old picture and keep up with its likes and comments.

You get a profile picture on it and if you get likes and success but you get a new profile picture then you also get likes and comments.

But friends you are after a few days, dude i want to get my old profile picture if i will do that profile picture will i keep my likes and comments.

Yes friends will keep up with your likes and comments if you upload my old profile picture in my way.

In today’s article, I’m going to tell you how you can re-upload your old profile picture and maintain your likes and comments on it.

If I re-upload my old profile picture, my likes and comments will remain intact ???

Yes friends, if you upload your profile picture ie your old profile picture will be re-uploaded, no matter how many likes and comments you receive it will not be lost on you.

Please follow some steps

1: The first thing you need to do is download the Facebook application and I will give you the link in the application to the end of this article. From there you have to download the election to your mobile by clicking the Download Now button.

How to re-upload old profile with old likes and comments !!!

Friends If you do not understand my article you can see the video I made that I made on this topic and uploaded it to YouTube. If you watch that video you will see a button below. You can see it by clicking here


Now I tell you how to re-upload your old profile with old likes and comments.

Friends is a lot easier then what I want to do now is open my facebook and after you open it you have to click on the thread and turn your profile on.

Now you have to open your profile picture and below the profile picture you will see a room option that you have to click on.

After clicking on Camera open you will have many more options open. You have to click on Profile Pictures. Yes, friends must click on Select Profile Picture.

After clicking on Profile Picture you will have more pictures open.

So you have to go to the end and there you will see the album button. After you click on it you have to click on profile picture.

And here you will see all your profile pictures, friends who want to get a profile picture as well as all the likes and comments that I received on it, so you will find your The profile picture has to be uploaded again. You will upload it again. You will be retained by your keyboard. They will not be lost.

The simplest thing is to click on the profile picture that you want to apply and simply write your button from the SIMPLY to your button.

And so, friends keep re-uploading your old profile picture as much as you like and comment on it, and you can find more like and comment.

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