How to earn money from Ehsas Kafalat program.

Trivizia is Pakistan’s first live video mobile game broadcast – to win cash prizes daily

  Trivizia is innovating the mobile user experience and relying on social feeds through Pakistan’s first live video mobile game app where participants can win real cash prizes every day.

  Travizia is an optional multiplayer trivia quiz video game broadcast and people can play live rivals. The defined host of the program asks interesting questions and people may earn real money for the right answers. It is so simple and interesting.

  Winning the prize money for an award is very easy and requires the following steps:

  – Download the Trivia application from the store store.
  – Start with your phone confirmation (via SMS)
  – You will receive live game notifications before this game.
  – Join the game on time
  – Answer the questions asked by our host (within 10 seconds for each question).
  – Answer all questions to claim daily reward money

  If the participant has a live line, it will be automatically deducted (except once in the last question). The prize money announced will be distributed evenly among all winners.

  Invite friends and family to the referral code and win a free lifeline when they join Travisia.

  Today I am going to help you make a wonderful application of people which is very honorable tomorrow, after downloading your own country, install it on your mobile and answer this question to the three ears near Ansari only. Tell me. Amazing is the application of perfection

  The name of the application is Terra Louisa and such application is arrested daily at 10am.

  And it won’t be nearly twenty thousand and in this you have to answer all the questions it talks to people about how you can make money or friends.

  So it cannot be said in your heart that you can earn money from the way you vote, this is a very interesting application. You can read and answer questions.

  I have about twenty thousand to come or have portals how many minds you have just find the link to the application you will find on a web page like mine.

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