How can I make money in a web 1 Click = $0.04

How can I earn money on a website

Everything is easy. On our site there are a number of ways to earn money. These include developing your upgrade plan and browse the internet and referral program, daily bonuses that can reach USD 0.01 or more, etc.

I signed up but can’t remember my password, what do I do?

There are many ways to sign up on our website, including following: once you have registered you will be sent your username and password via the mail. You can also reset your login details and it will appear in your inbox. We suggest using email from gmail as they do not have any issues with delivery of letters. Other mail providers are able to deliver messages but in a delayed manner. It is also recommended to check your junk mail folder.

What payment systems can be employed to deposit and withdraw money?

Balance replenishment is possible by using payment systems such as Payeer and Perfectmoney. Payments are automatically made to payment systems like Payeer and Perfectmoney.

Do you have any points or withdrawal limits?

There are no limitations on withdrawals. You can withdraw the amount you earn.

Are you an affiliate with an affiliate programme?

Introduce your acquaintances and friends to join you, for each referral, you earn 10% of the value, you will earn 5percent from the recharge. Rules – General Agreement

The General Agreement for Membership Agreement Between YOU (Members as well as Users as well as Advertisers) and defines the conditions of your membership.

You must understand, read and accept these terms and conditions in this agreement to join by selecting”I accept” and selecting the “I accept” option.

If you are not acquiescing to all conditions and terms in this agreement for membership, is unwilling to permit you to join the membership.

1. User Account – General Behavior

The accounts cannot be transferred. They are not able to be sold, traded or traded in any way. Each account contains personal information, so trading on it is forbidden.

An individual user can have only one account. If you attempt to create multiple accounts can result in the deactivation of all accounts. If an account holder forgets their password, he will have to create a support ticket. The login information will be sent to you when you ask for it.

Anyone who provides fake information, such as the full name when they register or altering the settings of their account will be subject to having their accounts removed.

Logging into Proxy servers, VPNs or shared network environments (such as but not limited to, schools cybercafes, LAN houses and cybercafes) …) is not permitted.

A username that we consider to be unacceptable could lead to being suspended from your account.

Any attempt to hack or abuse our system could result in account suspension forever.

One account for each IP address is permitted. Any attempt to create multiple accounts can result in all accounts being suspended.

2. Referral Terms

Members can make unlimited direct referrals.

You are not allowed to refer members of your family. One account, email and IP is allowed per customer.

Every referral should have a unique and valid email addresses. It is not advisable to make use of email generators as those emails that come from these sites are commonly utilized by cheaters and people who do not desire to earn decent however, they do it to make multiple accounts.

It is not a good idea to send out unwelcome emails or press any person in any other manner to become your referee. Also, you should avoid using any service that tries to market your referrals. We can investigate these instances and will be able to determine the cause. account cancellation.

You are able to rent referrals only as long as they are in stock and within the limitations the current status of membership. More referrals than the maximum amount can result in the deactivation of the income earned from all of your referrals.

The clicks generated by your referrers will be added into your account immediately when you meet the requirements for clicks from the day before.

3. Member’s Commissions Terms

All payments are processed via Perfect Money and Payeer.

It is not permitted to transfer your funds to another individual’s account with a payment processor.

You are able to request a transfer when you’ve attained the value of 0.02 in the balance of your account

4. Payments To

All payments must be made via the links on Your Account Your Account”.

The money is transferred to through Perfect Money, Payeer.

5. Refund Policy

The upgrade purchase is not refundable.

The cost of purchasing publicity packages as well as clicks to your advertisements are not refundable.

6. Advertising Terms

The site should not contain pornographic, racist, discriminatory vulgar, illicit or any other adult content of any nature.

The site must not include the frame breaking technology.

The website should not contain or encourage viruses.

The site must not include ANY requests for confirmation or download dialogs.

The website should not contain an open pop-up or pop-under window.


Sexually explicit or adult-themed material

Drugs and Drug

Tobacco Sales

Discriminatory Practices

Hate / Violence Sites

Weapons Sales

Pharmaceutical Sales

Illegal downloads include MP3, movies etc.

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