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Assalam o alikum : Hello Guys Today im going toTell you about fm whatsaap app, apk, application,

If you don’t use this awesome WhatsApp,
So think that using your WhatsApp is useless.
I can guarantee you that you will have a lot of fun today.
You will have a lot of fun when I tell you about fm WhatsApp.
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Friends, I hope you are all well.
If you use WhatsApp, which article should you read in its entirety today? You have to look carefully at the features of this WhatsApp because it will benefit you a lot.

Feature Of Fm WhatsApp

1: Now you can use WhatsApp all day
no one will know
this person is online on WhatsApp or not.

2: If you read someone’s message,
no one will know
this person has read my message or not

3: If a person on WhatsApp send you a message and you send the same message to someone,
The person you send the message to won’t even know he sent me someone else’s message
( Forward Message )

4: The same person whose number you have saved in your contact list can call you on WhatsApp.
The number you did not include in your contact list will not be able to call you on WhatsApp.

5: Anyone who delete their WhatsApp
So it will not be deleted by you, you will be able to see it

6: Anyone who send you a message send you a picture, send you a video,
And he delete this picture, this message, this video at the same time. He delete it after a while.
So it will not be deleted by you, you will be able to see it too

7: Change WhatsApp Theme

8: Change WhatsApp Colors

9: Lock Private Message On WhatsApp
( fingerprint, patren, pin )

Fm WhatsApp Latest Update :

If there is any latest update of this WhatsApp, you will be the first to find it in this article.
I will keep updating it for you guys every time it comes like the latest update so you will get it right away.
All you have to do is get the latest updates whenever you need. You have to come back to this article.
Latest Updates You must update the WhatsApp as it has more features.

How To Download Fm WhatsApp :

I have given its download link at the end of the same article from where you can easily download it.
At the end of this article you will find the Click Here or Download button from where you can download this WhatsApp.

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