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Friends, today we will talk about betjee. This is a money making side. You can make money by working on it. There are many ways you can do this.
You can earn money by betting on this side. You can also earn money by playing different games.
In addition, here you are also given the opportunity of 500,000 cashback.
The funniest thing about this platform is that here you are also given the option of JazzCash and Easypaisa account, where you can easily withdraw your money.
People who live in a foreign country are given the option of cash money, from which they can easily withdraw their money. In addition, here you are given a free Batfare account. Such a website I have to buy an account to work. But this platform is providing you for free.
On its betjee you are also given the option of live chat. So if you have any problem. You can also livechat with them.
How to work on it now? How to create an account? How to withdraw money. Details of all these are given below.

How to create an account.

It is very easy to create an account on betjee.
For this you have to open Google in your mobile. You have to type in the search bar. After that a badge will open in front of you. You have to click on the sign up button. Here you have to create an account. A form is given for. Like you have to fill and click on submit button. Here you also have to give your Transaction PIN which is useful for you when withdrawing money. After creating an account, here you have your profile. You will see many options.
Such as
Home; promotion; Deposit; My acoun

Investing to make money

To make money, you have to make a deposit here first.
For this, click on the button of my account. There are three types of account shows. In which you have to deposit. Select it. Write your amount. Encrypt mobile number and transaction PIN.
They will have given their own number at the top. You have to give your details below.
As soon as you make a deposit, your wallet will show your money.

Ways to work.

Here you are given a lot of options to work. First of all you have to share your referral with your friends. The more you collect referrals, the more money you will earn. This is a great way. In addition, there are options for Ludo-Cricket-One Player-Three Player-Four Player.
Here you have to set your bet.
You can make a profit by depositing in it. For example, you have invested two hundred rupees. If you win the game. So with two hundred the profit will be different.
For example, you want to play cricket. There are two teams in cricket. Pakistan and India. You select Pakistan. Set your bet.
Prizes are given to the winner. Details of all these are available in this website. You can see all the options.
All your money when you click on the reward option. There will be a show. Here you are also given the option to withdraw. By clicking on the withdrawal button, you can withdraw your money in Jazz Cash and Easy Money.
You can also search this site on YouTube and create an account and invest only after getting complete information.

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